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Lupin Ltd.
Source DateAGM Date Details
16-Jul-2018 08-Aug-2018 Rs.5.0000 per share(250%)Dividend ...
10-Jul-2017 02-Aug-2017 A.G.M. & ...
11-Jul-2016 03-Aug-2016 A.G.M. & ...
01-Jul-2015 23-Jul-2015 Rs.7.5000 per share(375%)Dividend ...
07-May-2014 30-Jul-2014 A.G.M.
08-May-2013 07-Aug-2013 Rs.4.0000 per share(200%)Dividend ...
06-Jul-2012 24-Jul-2012 Rs.3.20 per share(160%)Dividend ...
05-Jul-2011 27-Jul-2011 A.G.M. Rs.3.00 per share(150%)Dividend
08-Jul-2010 28-Jul-2010 Rs.13.50 per share(135%)Dividend &...
09-Jul-2009 29-Jul-2009 Rs.12.50 per share(125%)Dividend &...
25-Jun-2008 22-Jul-2008 100% Dividend & A.G.M.
22-Jun-2007 19-Jul-2007 A.G.M.
23-Jun-2006 25-Jul-2006 65% Dividend & A.G.M.
04-Jul-2005 28-Jul-2005 A.G.M.
30-Jun-2004 29-Jul-2004 Shares A.G.M. & 65% Dividend
12-Jun-2003 06-Aug-2003 Shares 50% Dividend & A.G.M.
02-Sep-2002 02-Sep-2002
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